Including Remixes By June Miller & Spoils


Quintessential stadium anthems are Delta Heavy’s forte and Reborn demonstrates how they’ve gained this reputation. Setting show stopping-agendas since their first release on the RAM Records imprint, this next one is no different, however, a cinematic roller isn’t all this release has to offer. With an official music video along with remixes from Spoils and June Miller, there’s a colour reel of sound spinning throughout; a host of tracks to suit every palette.

‘Reborn’ embodies exactly what Delta Heavy represents as a collaborative project. An arpeggio of notes leads delicately into emotionally charged vocals, pedestalling the record and creating a musically picturesque backdrop. With the undertow of a pounding morphine bassline and the relentless instrumentation of jungle infused drums, there’s no mistaking the artists’ nod towards their harder productions. Epic, timeless and puffed out with a grandeur composition, Delta Heavy have yet to disappoint.

The official music video was recently unleashed on UKF’s Drum & Bass YouTube channel (WATCH IT HERE), and features a brilliant stop motion animation including moving objects intertwined with live body parts. The video for ‘Reborn’ was directed by Chris Bristow and crafted with help from Ian Robertson, who was the man behind Delta Heavy’s previous video for ‘Get By,’ along with Duke Dumont’s ‘Need U 100%,’ and more recently, Oliver $ and Jimi Jules’ massive collaboration for ‘Pushing On.’ Keep an eye out, because next week UKF will give fans an incredible behind-the-scenes look at the making of this masterpiece.

On the remixes, June Miller carefully crafts their take against the original, uncompromising yet delicately woven and not without its predecessors’ emotional crescendo. And lastly, Spoils introduces us to a genre-infused uptake that catches you unaware, with a steppy melody which stays true to its roots yet delves deep into Spoil’s production aptitude.

So once again, it’s time to take up Delta Heavy’s offerings. They’ve delivered the perfect successor to their Apollo EP, yet again reasserting their title as one of the bass scene’s heavyweights.

‘Reborn’ is available worldwide on iTunes, November 3rd, 2014 via RAM Records.


“When it comes to upfront bass music, nobody brings the heat like Delta Heavy.”

“Once the vocals become the main focal point, soft strumming pulls you into a broken-beat build so good it could end you.” — Insomniac

“The track’s bassline mirrors the melody, enhancing the aggressive timbre of the lead synth, while the highly combustible breaks sizzle with relentless energy.” — LessThan3


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Originally written for ENL by euphoria

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